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Physical Therapy In Richardson, Texas

"We Help Active Adults And Athletes Get Back To Their Favorite Workouts And Activities Without Pain Killers Or Surgery"

Who We Help At On Point Movement and Performance

At On Point Movement and Performance, we understand that every single person’s pain is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to your body, and how it is affecting your life so we can create a plan that focuses on YOU and your goals.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About On Point Movement And Performance...

We Offer A Hands-On Approach To Your Wellness Using Our On Point Movement and Performance 3-Step Method.


Putting Out The Fire

We’ll take you through a complete one-on-one evaluation and identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll explain what must be done to get you back to full speed and back to the activities you enjoy.


Address The Root Cause

We’ll develop a treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will ultimately allow us to get you stronger, pain-free, and on track to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.


Thrive Instead Of Survive

Once we get you back to exercising pain free, we’ll implement strategies to get you performing at an even higher level. We’ll also implement strategies to “bulletproof” your body to decrease the likelihood of future injuries occurring.

Get To Know Larry Hernandez...

Larry graduated from Odessa College Physical Therapy Assistant program and is now the owner of On Point Movement & Performance Physical Therapy.

He became interested in physical therapy after seeing his dad go through rehab from a knee replacement surgery. Larry was fascinated with the process and wanted to learn how he could help people move well again after losing mobility.

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