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Meet The Team

Larry Hernandez

LPTA, FMS, SFMA, DN Active Life Rx

Larry graduated from Odessa College Physical Therapy program in 2006, He has practiced in a wide array of setting starting as a technician while in school at a rehabilitation hospital. As a therapist, he worked in inpatient and outpatient positions with the rehabilitation hospital working primarily with people with neurological disorders and post-surgical orthopedic cases. in 2010 he began working with a company that specializes in long-term care rehab and sub-acute rehab taking roles as a staff clinician and the tech advisor, as new technology for electronic medical records began to be more common. In 2019 became the director of a large retirement community and while at that facility in 2020 started On Point Movement and Performance a company dedicated to serving patients primarily in their homes as a concierge therapy service. In 2021 opened a clinic in Richardson Texas to offer the same quality service where he has multiple skilled staff specializing in shoulder pain, balance disorders, and sports medicine.

He became interested in physical therapy after seeing his dad go through rehab from a knee replacement surgery. Larry was fascinated with the process and wanted to learn how he could help people move well again after losing mobility.

In his free time, Larry enjoys CrossFit training, watching action movies, and eating good food. His favorite place to be is with his wife, Jen, his daughter Hannah, and their two pets – Koda the husky and Tito the orange tabby.

Dr. Drew Bullock

DPT, PT – Pain and Balance Specialist

Andrew graduated from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he gained extensive knowledge and hands on experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.

With a patient centered approach, Dr Drew tailor each treatment plan to meet the unique needs of every individual.

In his free time Dr. Drew enjoys staying active and continuing his professional development through ongoing eduction and training. 

Lara McCrary


Lara graduated from Emory University with her Masters in Physical Therapy. She has been working in home health geriatrics rehab for more than 15 years.

Lara became interested in physical therapy after suffering an injury from playing competitive tennis. She applied to PT school and originally wanted to go into orthopedics but after becoming close to her grandparents she decided to focus on geriatrics instead.

Originally from Ohio, Lara enjoys playing tennis, reading, and spending time with her family and friends (along with her two goldendoodles, Georgie and Stella!)

Dr. Natalie Pitsch


Dr. Natalie graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a strong foundation in evidence-based practice and patient-centered care. Her academic excellence and commitment to the field are evident in her approach to therapy, ensuring each patient receives tailored and effective treatment.

With a deep passion for helping others, Dr. Pitsch combines her extensive knowledge with a compassionate demeanor, making her a trusted and respected therapist. Her focus on continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in physical therapy allows her to provide the highest quality care to her patients.

At On Point Movement and Performance, Dr. Pitsch’s expertise and dedication have made her an integral part of the team. Her ability to connect with patients, understand their unique needs, and develop personalized treatment plans has significantly contributed to the clinic’s reputation for excellence in physical therapy.

Dr. Laura Plummer

DPT, Certified Vestibular/Vertigo Specialist

Laura graduated from Creighton University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2018

Laura has experience with a wide variety of patients ranging from sports orthopedics, post surgical joint replacements, and has a passion for helping seniors with balance and vertigo disorders.

Originally from Oklahoma Laura spends her free time running and spending time with her new baby Marcus and husband Mike.

Dr. Cole Cisneros

DPT, DN, Golf and Runner Specialist

Cole received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in December 2020. Cole has a love for treating athletes at all levels of competition.

He has a passion for continued education and since has been Dry Needled Certified through AAMT. He has, also, been certified through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Personal Trainer and a Specialist in Exercise Therapy.

With his advanced knowledge of biomechanics and joint mobility, Cole enjoys working with golfers and runners toward their goals the most. His hobbies include running, working out, and attempting the sport of golf.

Dr. Cedric Peji


Cedric took a different route with his education and studied overseas in the Philippines, he graduated from the Physical Therapy program at San Juan De Dios Educational Foundation Inc. in Pasay, Manila, Philippines.

Cedric is very passionate about treating athletes, weekend warriors, and the active population. He also has an undying passion for continuing education and has received his Sports & Orthopedic Regenerative Dry Needling Level 1 and Sports Manual Therapy certifications through the Institute for Athlete Regeneration. Cedric has experience with a variety of orthopedic conditions from joint replacements, sports injuries, ACL’s, soft tissue injuries, Achilles’, low back pain, post-op, etc.

He is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. In his free time, Cedric loves watching basketball, traveling, and trying new food. 

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