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Chronic injuries say more about your lifestyle than they do about your genetics

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I must have a bad back because I keep getting injured?”

It doesn’t have to be your back; it could be any joint or area of your body that seems to keep getting hurt over and over. 

Maybe it’s your genetics. 

It seems reasonable to assume genetics are at the root of the problem, especially if there are people in your family with similar problems.

Here’s the truth; chronic recurring injuries have far less to do with genetics than they do with lifestyle, and that means you have a massive opportunity. 

It’s an opportunity because there’s nothing you can do about your genes but a ton you can do about your lifestyle. 

Don’t believe us?

The leading cause of death in the US and Europe is heart disease and the primary driver of heart disease is lifestyle factors. (Diet, stress, smoking, drinking, etc.)

Sleep deprivation dramatically increases the risk of injury in athletes. It also dramatically decreases testosterone.

Even though genes heavily influence type II diabetes, genetics don’t play a role unless lifestyle factors are already pushing the individual toward diabetes. 

How you live your life day to day has a massive impact on your health, including your ability to be resilient to injury. 

That makes sense on paper, but we find that most people still have lingering doubts about whether or not their specific situation can be meaningfully improved with lifestyle changes. 

For example, what if you injured your back deadlifting a few years ago and now it seems like every 3 months or so, you end up in pain and missing out on family/life events because you tweak something else in your back? It just so happens that your parents and grandparents have similar back pain cycles. 

That sure sounds like something genetic is going on, right?

Your parents and grandparents gave you more than your DNA. 

They also passed down their habits and beliefs, and like it or not, you picked up a thing or two along the way and incorporated them into your lifestyle. 

Dietary habits, placing limited value on sleep, putting too much emphasis on pain; we all have lifestyle baggage from our families, and the sooner we accept that pain and injury likely have more to do with that baggage, the sooner we can get to work. 

When we say work, we mean REAL work. 

This isn’t the work you do to check a box because your physical therapist said you needed to do a specific exercise to get out of pain. 

We’re talking about doing the work necessary to change how you live your life because you recognize the value of what lies on the other side of those changes. 

You see an opportunity to have a life well-lived without the worries of chronic recurring injuries. 

You see what it would be like to live without feeling like a prisoner to your genes. 

You realize you’re in control of your future. 

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