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Abnormalities Found In Scans In Asymptomatic People


 Look at this picture. I’ve been discussing this a lot with clients and also doing quite a bit of reading on this subject.

 Just because you don’t have pain, doesn’t mean that your body is in perfect working condition and just because you are in pain, doesn’t mean you need to immediately have surgery or be overly concerned.

*Now, insert disclaimer* Please always see a medical professional for any and all injuries and medical advice. 

 This picture shows what imaging on Asymptomatic people found. Pretty impressive I must say. A vast majority of the population had slight tears in their knees, shoulders, hips and many have degenerative disks in their low back and don’t even know it.

So…why bring this up? If you have pain and get an MRI, is the MRI showing you what’s actually wrong, or…what used to be wrong?

Pain is not always related to what’s in your MRI.


Larry Hernandez

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