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A Study on Transformative Power of Class IV Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be a frustrating and debilitating experience, affecting everything from your ability to work, exercise, or even just enjoy day-to-day activities. As physical therapists, we are always on the hunt for innovative ways to help our patients find effective and lasting pain relief. Today, I’m excited to dive into a game-changing approach that might just be the answer for many battling with shoulder pain: Class IV Laser Therapy.

A Study Worth Noting

In a study titled “Class IV Laser Therapy: Effective for Back and Neck/Shoulder Pain” by L.D. Morries, DC, CCSP®, some significant findings surfaced about combining Class IV laser therapy with more traditional treatments.

Key Insights from the Study:

  1. Combined Approach: Those who underwent both spinal Class IV laser therapy and manipulation reported substantial pain relief after just 2-3 laser sessions.
  2. Impressive Results: By the end of the fourth week, this group experienced a 71.7% reduction in pain. To put that in perspective, those treated with manipulation alone saw a 50.5% reduction.
  3. Safety Assured: A crucial aspect to highlight is that no adverse events were reported following the laser therapy, which emphasizes its safety.

[Link to the full study for those interested.]

Why This Matters for Shoulder Pain Sufferers

The study’s findings offer a beacon of hope. Combining Class IV laser therapy with other treatments can significantly accelerate pain relief and potentially cut down the recovery timeline. This means getting back to your regular activities faster and with greater ease.

The fact that no side effects were noted further cements the therapy’s potential as a front-runner in non-invasive treatments for shoulder pain.

How Can We Help?

Our clinic is proud to announce that we have been using the Class IV Laser Therapy sessions for our patients. We believe in a holistic and comprehensive approach to pain relief, and this therapy is an excellent addition to our repertoire.

For those experiencing shoulder pain or any pain that hasn’t responded well to traditional treatments, it’s worth exploring this innovative method. It’s about more than just pain relief; it’s about restoring function, mobility, and quality of life.

Take the Next Step

If you or someone you know has been grappling with shoulder pain, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer any questions, discuss your concerns, and help you embark on a path to a pain-free life.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your Class IV Laser Therapy session.


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